The Best of Sicily 

Sicily has been called the “eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean” and the vast diversity of her people, cultures, and even topography will certainly support that claim. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sicily offers warm sandy beaches, cloud-scraping mountains, and an epic volcano. Her tender climate nurtures olive groves and fruit plantations, providing tasty results. including some excellent Sicilian wines.

Sicily’s gastronomic culture is unlike any other you’ve experienced. As you might imagine this epicurean island has been influenced by the flavorful traditions and customs of the Mediterranean. Each country and culture has left its mark on the Sicilian palate and the results are mouthwateringly memorable. The lush vineyards around Mt. Etna are boosting the regions reputation for glorious wines far beyond the well-known Marsala.

The architecture of Sicily is a living example of design periods spanning time and tradition; Baroque palazzos, Greek temples, Norman churches stand practically side by side, beckoning the visitor to wander and enjoy.  There’s a wealth of natural wonder on the island as well. From the smoking craters of the mysterious Mount Etna to the relatively undiscovered beaches along the southern coast Sicily is erupting in natural breathtaking beauty.  

With such sites as the historic temples of Agrigento, the bustling markets of Palermo, secluded beaches of Noto, and the picture perfect hilltops of Ragusa there is no shortage of classic Italian charm in Sicily. The passion of the locals for their home is contagious. Together let’s sample the legendary cuisine, view the artfully crumbling architecture, marvel at the stunningly dramatic coastal landscapes and seek serenity in the pastoral vistas that await in Sicily.

Our Sicily road trip will introduce you to fascinating archaeological sites, a beautiful Baroque town, colorful local marketplace, and one of the most famous and storied sites in all of Italy, the still-active volcano, Mount Etna. Along the way we’ll experience Sicilian life in the best way-indulging in uniquely Sicilian foods, fresh and soul-stirring, cook with local families, visit wine estates and sample their product, and immerse ourselves in Sicilian culture.

We’ll stay in the loveliest accommodations. From a charming hotel by the sea to a resplendent family estate set amid verdant hills and olive trees., to exclusive boutique hotels conveniently  located in the center of town, our lodging will delight, providing the perfect place to refresh and renew.  

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