Bordeaux Classique© -  Bordeaux ultimate Food & Wine Experience


Discover the quintessential food, wine and culture of France when you visit Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region. This prolific  region, the largest in France, boasts nearly 8,000 wine growing estates. Each estate is appreciated for its own distinctive variety of wine. There are well over 10,000 different wines produced each vintage.

Discover the port city of Bordeaux and you’ll find a city rich in history and culture. This elegant gem in the southwest of France is renowned for it’s wine, to be sure, but there’s so much more for you to discover.  Beautiful Bordeaux, with its stunning architecture, sprawling squares and intricately sculpted fountains, will capture your heart.

Food and wine are practically synonymous with French life and life in Bordeaux is an epicure’s delight. As you discover Bordeaux you’ll learn the heart and soul of the region by sampling the many delectable foods and luscious wines produced here.

Bordeaux is the most classified wine region in all the world and as you discover the distinctions of the classifications you’re knowledge of wine will develop-along with your palate. Come stroll the streets of St. Emilion, enjoy a glass of white wine while indulging in oysters so fresh they were just plucked from the sea. Discover the night-life of the city of Bordeaux, visit an ancient underground cellar. Embark on a truly French diversion and take a leisurely scenic drive through the French countryside, stopping for a picnic along the way as you relax in the sunshine and gaze out upon the legendary vineyards of this noble wine region.

While on your trip of a lifetime, you’ll visit some of the most prestigious estates along with those hidden gems-the lesser known wine making estates. As their guest you’ll be lavished with hospitality. At a vintage tasting you’ll sample rare and highly sought-after wines. You’ll discover what the skilled winemakers of this renown region know about toasting barrels in order to create a flavor unique to certain wines. You’ll even sample some of the wines straight from the barrel.

We feel certain you will come away enlightened, enriched and enhanced when you discover Bordeaux.


Your home while in Bordeaux is a privately-owned 18th century mansion. The proprietors of this richly-appointed home are a family of established vintners. Your accommodations are situated right in the heart of Bordeaux.

The 6 bedroom home surrounds you in easy elegance. You’re sure to be delighted with your splendid accommodations. All rooms offer plenty of space to relax and feature en-suite bathrooms. Additional accoutrements include a flat screen TV, complimentary bottled water, air conditioning, and  free Wi-Fi.

The well-stocked kitchen is open to you 24 hours a day and you’re welcome to make this home your own as you discover Bordeaux. Bicycles are also at your disposal should you seek to venture out and explore your surroundings on your own.

Our intimate tour of Bordeaux brings together the very best Bordeaux has to offer-her luscious wines, exquisite culinary delights, breathtaking vistas and the elegant and uniquely-French charm that is the Bordeaux region of France.

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