Discover Piemonte (Piedmont, Italy)

Discover one of Italy’s magical wine regions, the Piedmont (or Piemonte as the Italians say). Sharing borders with France and Switzerland, it is a picturesque region of dramatic hills wrapped with vineyards, orchards, medieval fortresses, and charming villages with terracotta rooftops.

Piedmont is known for its Barolo and Barbaresco, the king and queen of Italian wine, full-bodied red wine made from Nebiolo grape. It is also famous for its incredible gastronomy.

This is where the Slow Food movement started and it is the source for the fabled white truffle. Hazelnuts are a regional specialty, with Piedmont’s having exceptional quality and being especially rich in oil, and are the origin of today’s Nutella. 

And there is also Turin, the capital of Piedmont. Turin is home to world-class museums, charming architecture and covered walkways, as well as some of the most sought after cuisine of Italy. Turin was the first capital of Italy and you can see the incredible buildings left by the House of Savoy. Turin is also all about chocolate and seems to have a shop devoted to chocolate on every corner.

We will stay in a wine estate set on a hill and surrounded by vineyards, dine with a winemaker’s family, visit underground cellars, explore interesting castles and small villages, hunt for truffles, cook in a farm, taste cheeses, chocolate and local specialties.

Join us to discover the magical wine region that is Piemonte!


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