About Food N’ Wine Vacations

Food N’ Wine Travel Style

Food N’ Wine Vacations™ is all about experiences. Our tours focus on connection to people and places, to their history, landscapes, food and tradition. From driving in beautiful landscapes to tasting regional specialties and wines, and staying in charming private estates. We take care of everything from A-Z so that all you have to do is show up and have a great time. We design all of our programs with the goal that our guests will have a memorable one of a kind experience.



We work with private estates that capture the essence of the region. We choose properties that have a story or history and offer authentic and warm hospitality. Whether you’re staying in a 17 century noble villa in Tuscany or a historic villa in Provence, they are a part of your personal cultural experience.


Our Partners

Food N’ Wine secret ingredient is the local relationships we established in the regions we travel. Our friends, the winemaker, the chef, the chocolate artisan, the cheese maker. They all love to share their stories and knowledge with Food N’ Wine guests.


Outstanding value

in addition to the accommodations, tour guide, all visits and sightseeing, we provide MOST meals including wine. If we don’t include a meal in a particular day is because we want to let you choose if you want to give your palate a little break. Or maybe not…

Exploring one region

Our culinary travel tours feature in depth exploration of a particular region which gives you the opportunity to be part of the surroundings. We keep a fine balance between sightseeing, cooking classes, winery visits, but we can’t stop eating….



Cuisine and culture go hand in hand. We dine in locals restaurants, we go to the markets, we cook with chefs regional recipes, we visit cheese farms, olive oil farms and we meet the wine maker at his winery.


Local host

Your tour guide and host are fluent in the local language and customs, which adds up a lot to the experience. They can advise on local specialties from food and wine or what you should take back home with you, or simply have a conversation about local traditions.



“Best Special interest”
Food N’ Wine Vacations™ won an award from the French tourism government in the category “Best special Interest”.

Magellan award
Food N’ Wine Vacations™ won 3 Magellan awards., the premier award for the travel industry. The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honors the best in travel and salutes the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.


IATA – Food N’ Wine Vacations is a certified member of IATAN. Membership with IATA indicates that a company possesses professionalism and legitimacy in the travel industry.

ASTA- Food N’ Wine Vacations is a member of the American society of Travel agents, the world’s largest association of travel professionals

Corporation – Food N’ Wine vacations is a registered corporation in the state of GA since 2003.