Why us

At Food N’ Wine Vacations, we believe that something truly magical happens when you carefully organize and craft unique experiences of travel with the best local food, amazing wine, and must-see locations. While many companies cover the main tourist attractions, we like to go beyond- to discover. We like to not only do things a bit differently, but on a much more personal and local level as well. This way you can experience the true authentic taste of what certain areas have to offer you. We’d like to take you a bit off the beaten path, to discover the real hidden gems that are deeply embedded within the local culture that encompass family-owned establishments, farms, and other non-touristy destinations. We take a very hands-on approach in the way we organize our popular culinary vacations and wine tours.

When you experience a Food N’ Wine Vacation for yourself, you’ll be able to connect with real locals within their very own culture. You’ll get to taste the finest local foods, drink the local wine, and be led by local guides that’ll make you feel like family. Many of our tour guides are not only born and raised in these specific areas, but they also know the true “ins and outs” of their region.

We keep our groups small on purpose (no more than 12 people at a time).  We go by your name and not by a number. We take great pride and care to make sure that you get the value for your investment with us, and with the right personal touch and care.

We offer complimentary trip assistance. This way we can help remove all the stress and worry about booking flights, trains or working out other logistics of your trip. Our #1 goal is for you to have a wonderful time, and a memorable experience.

Whether you are having lunch in a winery, walking through picture-perfect medieval villages, or taking in stunning landscape, you’re guaranteed an experience of a lifetime that will always be cherished.