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Food N’ Wine Vacations™is a tour designer company, specializing in culinary, cooking and wine tours in  Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain & Slovenia.

We create and operate our own tours, the kinds that feel like traveling with knowledgeable friends. Our programs, which led by local guides, include places and experiences you couldn’t find on your own or in a guidebook.

Our tours are known for immersing our guests in the local lifestyle. To ensure you will have a complete personal experience, our groups are small and we stay in privately owned estates in unique settings.


Explore Italy – Culinary & Wine Tours

Secrets of Tuscany
Discover the best of Tuscany. This is a small group tour to Tuscany that will make you feel as if you were staying in a home of good friends.
Tuscany wine Tour
This Tuscany wine tour in Italy is a dream come true for wine lovers, who are looking to taste the famous and greatest wines of Tuscany along with a cultural experience.
The Best of Sicily
Sicily has been called the “eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean” and the vast diversity of her people, cultures, and even landscape will certainly support that claim
Dreamin' Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi coast is a magical landscape unparalleled for it’s jaw-dropping cliffs and towering bluffs, overlooking an azure sea.
Discover Piemonte
Discover one of Italy’s magical wine regions, the Piedmont is a picturesque region of dramatic hills wrapped with vineyards, orchards, medieval fortresses, and charming villages with terracotta rooftops.
Colors of Puglia
Located in the heel that is the boot of Italy, Puglia is gifted with gorgeous vistas of the Mediterranean sea, her seaside towns beckoning you to the cerulean waters, as they shimmer in the sun.
Veneto Food & wine Tour
Veneto stretched from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is famed for its canals, Verona is famous as the place Romeo and Juliet., And Lake Garda with its picturesque little towns.
Lake Como
The Italian Lakes are famous for their stunning landscapes of pastel-painted villages along the shores, grand mansions, and enchanting gardens.
Culinary Paradise
Umbria offers one of the best culinary Tours of Italy. This week-long vacation in the heart of Italy is all about unique experiences: you'll stay in the heart of an Italian town and live among the towns people.

Explore France – Culinary Vacations & Wine Tours

Best of Provence Tour
The best of Provence tour designed to explore the lifestyle, the cuisine, the wines and the culture of Provence.
Bordeaux  Classique
Discover the quintessential food, wine and culture of France when you visit Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region.
Enchanting Dordogne
The Dordogne Valley is an untouched, picturesque region of France. It’s steep hills and river valleys make it seem as though Dordogne is something taken straight out of a medieval fairytale.
Taste Burgundy Like A Local
Burgundy is one of France’s premier and oldest wine-producing regions.
Champagne Tour
The very name is synonymous with celebration, but there is much more to champagne than sparkling wine.

Explore Spain Culinary Vacations

The Splendor of Andalucia
Andalucía embodies all the popular images of Spain: White washed hill towns, bulls and matadors, flamenco dancers and Moorish palaces.
Spanish Roads adventure
Spain is a country of beautiful differences. From the alpine tundra of the Pyrenees, to the sun-drenched coasts of Andalucía, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re in the same country.
Rioja Wine Tour
Nestled deep in a valley of the Sierra Cantabrian mountain range, bathed by the warm Mediterranean breezes, La Rioja, Spain produces some of the richest red wines to ever tempt a palate.





Greek Islands Fantasy
The Greek Isles are the stuff of which dreams are made. Iconic white-washed, sun-drenched buildings rising from a backdrop of a liquid sapphire Aegean Sea, warm and inviting new friends, and memories to last a lifetime await you on our Greek Islands Fantasy tour.


Heart of Portugal Tour
Tucked into the western edge of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a country of vibrant diversity.
Explore Slovenia Tour
The snow peaks of the Julian alps, the emerald green rivers and the stunning underground caves, the magical lakes and the venetian -style coastline by the Adriatic Sea, will make you feel as you’ve stepped right into a fairytale.

Explore Greek



Small groups

We Really mean it – 8-12 guests on scheduled group departures.

Original itineraries

We design each and every itinerary.

Honest pricing

We do not higher the prices just to ‘give’ you a ‘huge’ discount.

No ‘optional’ extras sold

No surprises during the tour. Upfront price.

Great Value

Combine all the services & experiences, and you’ll realize that you get more for your buck.

Unique Accommodations

Mostly privately-owned estates: Villas, Farms, Historic Palaces.

Exclusive activities

Discover places that are not in guide books.

Beyond the Ordinary

Enjoy real slice of European life.

Local Guides

Your guides are insiders who love sharing their region.

We know your name

We know you by your name. Not by a reservation number.

Complimentary assistance

We provide pre & post trip assistance: Flights, trains, Logistics & ideas. Take advantage of our knowledge and 27+ years in Tourism.

Peace of mind

We take care of all the details. Just book your trip, Pack and Go!