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Cooking in Tuscany

Posted by smadar Palace on Fri, Mar, 29, 2013

Cooking in Tuscany is an exciting adventure. Your stay at a historic Mill and Inn provides an authentic backdrop for immersion in the Tuscan lifestyle, and underscores the saying “Chi Mangia Bene Vive Bene”, “Those who eat well, live well”. 

cooking in Tuscany,  country inn
Your vacation begins with a traditional feast in the company of your hosts. Get to know those with whom you’ll be sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience and familiarize your palate with the textures and flavors of honest Tuscan cuisine. 

cooking in Tuscany retaurant

With daily tours of neighboring towns and villages such as Cortona, Arezzo, and Pienza, you’ll get a sense of the culture which surrounds your Cooking in Tuscany vacation. Montepulciano is renown for it’s pork,  lentils and honey, and Pienza for the cheese. Come learn, explore and create as you experience your own personal renaissance. 

Cortona, cooking in Tuscany

The Tuscan sun renders a wealth in fresh fruits and vegetables. Fertile grazing land provides an endless buffet for livestock. Learn how to create meals enhancing the delicate nature of eggplant, tender, leafy greens, and tomatoes ablaze with flavor. Showcase regional meats and fish and learn the Tuscan secret of  using herbs and spices to enhance without overpowering. 

cooking in Tuscany, Appetizer

You’ll discover how Cooking in Tuscany utilizes the freshest, most abundant local fare, as well as olive oils, wines and vinegars, likely, from your hosts’ own groves and vineyards. Cooking in Tuscany is an art and you’ll soon put your own mark on the culinary canvas. 

Cooking in Tuscany, estate view

Begin your Cooking in Tuscany tutelage on your second day under the supervision your hostess and renown local chef.Carefully selected recipes showcase the region’s favorites. Tender stuffed eggplant served with a confit of tomato, almond and basil , ribollita, the traditional potage , saltimbocca, prepared with pork fillet and a masterful infusion of herbs, You’ll bake crusty Tuscan bread, and traditional biscotti cantucci as a sweet ending. 

Cooking in Tuscany, Saltimbocca

Day three introduces techniques even the more accomplished among you may not have mastered. Wild herb pie, with a parmesan sauce, zuppa di farro, a traditional soup incorporating an ancient grain, a rich and succulent lamb in Tuscan bread and finally, berry cake alongside a delicately-textured mascarpone mousse. 

Cooking in Tuscany, Lamb

Day Four provides a break.   Instead of cooking in Tuscany, you’ll learn the art of cheese-making from authentic cheese artisans.  The center of your evening meal will be a sampling of regional cheeses. 

Cooking school in tuscany

The fifth day of your adventure in Cooking in Tuscany is a full day indeed! Begin with a trip to the local market to procure regional delights. Return with your hosts to a private wine-tasting at their very own cellar. Learn the best way to enhance your palate through regional wines. 

Cooking in Tuscany, wine tasting

Your lesson takes place in a restaurant owned and operated by your hosts. Here, you’ll learn Cooking in Tuscany involves creativity. Bread becomes a salad in pansanella, pici pasta, a traditional pasta of Siena, is accompanied by a sauce of fresh tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Tagliatelli is topped with flavorful duck sauce, and  ravioli of nettles and ricotta is perfectly enhanced by a simple sage butter. You’ll learn long-held Tuscan secrets of turning the best of the huntsmen’s largesse into a traditional stew called scottiglia. 

Cooking in Tuscany, making pici pasta

Tuscany boasts a breathtaking coast and on your final day of Cooking in Tuscany,  you’ll prepare regional dishes showcasing it's bounty . Learn to make a simple fish broth, prepare tender-sweet scallops wrapped in bacon, with a puree of potatoes and bay leaves. Gnocchi, an Italian staple, can incorporate many flavors. Master the art of gnocchi-making with a ricotta rendition served in a seafood and saffron sauce. A casserole of monkfish and scampi, and a napoleon of custard, pears and pine nuts rounds out your Cooking in Tuscany farewell dinner. 

Cooking in Tuscany,Dessert

You’ll say “ciao” to your hosts with a promise to return to the beautiful Inn and the Tuscan countryside. Perhaps you can’t take Tuscany home with you, but you can take the experience. On any given day, when your heart is beckoned to return to the kitchens of the Famiglia Baracchi, retire to your own kitchen and recreate your adventure of Cooking in Tuscany. 


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