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Like a carefully hidden gem, Slovenia is tucked away in the heart of Europe. Bordered by Austria to the north, Italy to the west and Croatia cradling this lovely little country to the south and east, it’s no surprise that you’ll find diverse influences throughout Slovenia. What is a surprise is how these varied cultures leave their mark in a blend that's totally unique and totally Slovenian.

Those who visit this European treasure will find the magic of fairy tales. Slovenia is a page torn from a child’s picture book, full of fantasy and beautiful sights. Medieval castles, remote villages, turquoise lakes and rivers that wend their way through lush green forests. Best of all? It seems the rest of the world has yet to catch on to this treasure chest of dazzling scenery, sumptuous food and some of the best wines that will ever dance on your palate. 

The locals are friendly and welcome visitors with open arms. Slovenians speak English so you can expect to be as entertained as you are enchanted by your new friends. 

Foods That Give Comfort a Whole New Meaning

The food, as you may expect, is influenced by the cultures surrounding Slovenia but the Slovenians put their own delicious and delectable mark on these absolutely local dishes. All to your great advantage! 

There’s definite Bavarian influence in such rich and luscious dishes as filled dumplings. Although every region across Slovenia sprinkles their own local magic into this classic comfort food you will find dumplings on just about every menu in the country. 

If you can tear your gaze away from the breathtaking views around Lake Bled long enough you can taste a fabulous Slovenian take on strudel. Kremna is layers of custard, cream and puff pastry and yes, as decadent as it sounds. 

With as many waterways as Slovenia boasts you can find fresh-caught lake fish, such as trout, seafood along the coast and succulent shellfish as well. The truly Slavic art of mushrooming is alive and well in Slovenia. They add a delicious earthiness to any dish.

World Class Wine

Raise a glass of Slovenian wine and toast variety! No matter what your preference, Slovenian wines have plenty to offer. There are three wine growing regions in Slovenia and nine wine growing districts are consistently ranked among the best, with regard to quality. 

The differences in soil, climate and even cellaring methods in Slovenia contribute to selection and variety. 52 varieties of vine grow well in these regions. 

The diversity in regions, much like the diversity in culture, means Slovenia’s wines have many influences. Slovenia’s wine regions are in the very heart of Europe’s celebrated wine-growing belt so it’s no surprise that these wines share characteristics with much more recognizable and renown wines. From strong, dry reds to buttery whites to luscious and prized dessert wines and everything in between, this tiny country will surprise even the most experienced wine connoisseur with all that it has to offer.

Eye-Candy Vistas and Endless Natural Beauty

Among the biggest visitors to Slovenia are landscape artists and photographers. Can you guess why? The startling beauty of Europe’s sweetest gem is endless. You’ll find lakes that dazzle and sparkle like precious jewels, seascapes untouched and unspoiled, crystal clear rivers cutting through lush greenery. And Slovenians treasure their natural beauty and want to maintain it. That’s why Slovenia consistently scores in the top “greenest” (environmentally friendly and sustainable) countries in the world.

The snow-crested Alps border Slovenia and contribute to the rich, fairytale-esque aesthetic. A whopping 60% of the country is covered by forests. Stunning lakes and rivers run through dramatic valleys and gorges. The air is as fresh and crisp as you’ll ever find. The beauty of Lake Bled is so stunning it’s almost surreal. 

Slovenia’s coast is a stone’s throw from Italy and the town of Piran, on the Adriatic coast, has a very Venetian vibe. The sea sparkles in the sunshine, pastel buildings line the streets and everywhere you look there’s a tidbit of history waiting to be gobbled up. Piran is famous for its olive oil-distinct and fruity and its le fleur de sel sorts, or flower of salt. There is a Slovenian saying that “salt is the sea that couldn’t go back to the sky”. Slovenian sea salt is highly-prized by chefs around the globe.

Fascinating History Above and Below Ground

The medieval towns and villages throughout Slovenia are truly fascinating. From the castles rich in history, fascinating in architecture and integrated into the much-cherished natural beauty, to the cobbled streets and alleyways Slovenia is like a step back in time. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is home to one of the most iconic castles in Europe. For over 900 years Ljubljana Castle has watched over her city below. Explore the castle and climb up to the top for an absolutely awe-inspiring vista.

Beneath the country of Slovenia are many different caves. One of the best-known and a UNESCO World Heritage site is Skocjan caves. Measuring 3.7 miles long the Skocjan caves are one of the largest underground canyons in the world.

What Are You Waiting For?

For such a hidden gem Slovenia has so much to offer. Visitors to Slovenia will experience a wealth of natural beauty, history, stunning-and so diverse-architecture, memorable feasts and highly-impressive wines. Now you know why Slovenia should be on your travel list.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about visiting Slovenia.

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