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There’s no shortage of gorgeous sites to see in the Provence region of France. From lavender covered meadows to the lush, rolling alpille and picturesque vineyards that seem to appear everywhere, there is beauty and inspiration here like nowhere else on earth. Generations of famed painters have called Provence home, including Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. These masters have celebrated the South of France, and her people, in many of their most iconic works.

The Carrier de Lumieres in the quaint and historic medieval village of Les Baux, in turn, celebrates the famed artists who’ve thrilled the masses with their work. Part gallery and part magic show the former quarry-turned-museum immerses visitors in music and light and animation that enables these works of the masterful to come to life.

From Quarry to Gallery

The village of Les Baux was long recognized for their limestone quarries. The stone extracted from Les Baux was used to construct many of the buildings throughout the region, including Les Baux’s famed castle. With the influx of steel and concrete building materials in the early mid-20th century limestone became less desirable and the quarries were abandoned.

But the town of Les Baux proved to be a unique and memorable location for tourists and creative types. One such visitor was Albert Plécy, a journalist, photographer, film maker, painter and true visionary. On a visit in 1975 Plécy took note of the impressive beauty of the area. Plécy found artistic inspiration in the former quarries, and his creative spirit soared.

The results were, and still are, quite astounding. As a specialist in the language of art Plécy sought to insert the observer into the heart of some of the most celebrated works of art in order to provide an experience of appreciation like no other. 

By incorporating the use of electricity, lasers and holograms Plécy brought to life the iconic works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso and Chagall, to name a few. Though Albert Plécy died shortly after his dream came to life, the Carrier de Lumieres is thriving.

Total Immersion to Dazzle Your Senses

This magical display of light and sound takes the casual spectator and elevates them to a charmed participant of the actual art itself. Van Gogh’s stars shine and sparkle as they are reflected in the waves and ripples on the Rhone. Cezanne brush strokes are alive as the subjects of his paintings go about their daily life in Provence. 

Appreciation of art reaches another level for those who immerse themselves in these one-of-a-kind exhibits. Paintings digitally recreated on the vast 46 foot “canvases” of the quarry walls, with musical accompaniment that’s an acoustical marvel, transport you to another world entirely. You’ll leave the production feeling a passion and sense of gratitude for the art and artists represented in the Carrier de Lumieres, even if you don’t consider yourself an art enthusiast.

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