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I Slovenia - The Best Kept Secret in Europe

Posted by smadar Palace on Fri, Mar, 08, 2019

Slovenia, although a small European country, is not one to be overlooked. It offers a magnificent blend of cultures and experiences influenced by its surrounding countries.


This multifaceted influence seeps into the gastronomy of the country as well. Unique dining and wine tasting have a mix of Austrian, Italian, and Balkan flavors, a mouthwatering journey only attainable in Slovenia.


Filled with snow covered mountains from the Swiss Alps and crystal-clear turquoise water, Slovenia is a must- see destination. This hidden gem is the first country in the world to be considered a green destination. Fast flowing rivers and gaping waterfalls are all attributed to the clean and green Slovenian environment.


European cities can feel overwhelming and crowded but, the country’s size makes it much easier to navigate through. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is an eccentric experience wrapped in vibrant street art and multi colored buildings.

Ljublijana xastle view

The country’s picturesque views of Lake Bled, a tear shaped lake filled with crystal blue water and a mountainous backdrop, and the beautiful coastal sunsets, make for amazing photos.

Bled island pano

If the views aren’t enough Slovenia’s green environment offers a variety of hikes and nested deep, underneath the ground is the Karst region. These underground caves are completely enveloped rivers that have formed into eye catching constellations of limestone bedrock.


Slovenia is a remarkable country that should appear on the bucket lists of travelers worldwide, don’t forget to include it on yours!

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