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Small packages are often said to contain great things and so it is with one of Europe’s most charming travel destinations. Slovenia is an easy to reach landing place from Italy as well as Salzburg and Vienna. While it makes for the ideal side trip visitors often wish they had planned more time in this delightful treasure box along the Adriatic coast.

And when you lift the lid on this treasure box you’ll find endless opportunities to discover the beauty and wonder of Slovenia. Nestled between the snow-crested peaks of the Julian Alps to the north and Croatia to the south, Slovenia is an exciting blend of the best her neighboring cultures have to offer.

A Fairytale Setting

In fairytale fashion the beauty of Slovenia unfolds before you. Alpine villages dot the landscape, a crisp, clear and turquoise blue Adriatic Sea caresses the coastline and castles perch cliffside as if anticipating a royal visit. Just when you think you may have this dreamy destination figured out, Slovenia surprises and delights you even more.

A Palate-Pleasing Discovery

One of the best ways to experience a country is through their culinary culture. Foodies will swoon over the multi-culturally influenced dishes there for the tasting. Slovenians are a friendly and nurturing people, eager to celebrate and share a meal with a welcome visitor. The dishes vary depending on which part of the country you’re visiting. 

Along the Adriatic coast you’ll find amazingly fresh seafood, trout and other freshwater fish thrive in the cold river waters throughout Slovenia and delicious local specialties such as cheeses, sausage, pastries and a Slovenian version of focaccia, hearty soups, potato dishes and pasta are all among the “must-try” foods. Pack your stretchy pants!

Unique Wine

Slovenia has 400 years of viticulture to draw on and the wines are delicious and unique. The “orange wine” is a particular source of pride among winemakers. The skins of the grape are left to ferment with the wine, creating an orange, gold, or deep yellow hue. This unique wine, also produced in Italian towns which border Slovenia, is something you must taste on your visit to this remarkable country

Of course, with such a strong connection to the land and a deep and abiding appreciation of viticulture, the art of winemaking extends to many varieties. The diverse agricultural regions produce luscious, full-bodied reds, delicate whites, and sparkling wines that dance on the tongue. Slovenia is fast becoming a producer of fascinating wine.

Magical Landscape

One of the most notable aspects of Slovenia is the unspoiled and undisturbed green space and natural beauty. This world leader in ecotourism took notice of all of the visitors who flocked to their country simply for the unspoiled nature that abounds in Slovenia. Sustainability, which has long been a part of the local lifestyle, became a key factor in attracting tourism. Thus began a national certification program to keep Slovenia as naturally pristine and untouched as possible. Any institution that caters to the tourist trade must follow guidelines of sustainability in many areas including culture and authenticity, environment and climate, nature and biodiversity. 

From the picture-postcard scenery of Lake Bled, to the underground caves, dramatic gorges, stunning coastline, and breathtaking views, Slovenia is a treat for the eyes and the soul. The food, the wine, the warm and friendly people and the soul-stirring landscape make an indelible mark that will stay in your heart forever.

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