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Markets in Provence

 A trip to a Provence market is an experience for all of the senses. The sights and sounds of vendors, townspeople, music and excited visitors fill the streets and stalls. Rich aromas-some very pleasant-waft about, the ever-present scent of lavender mingled with rich herbs and spices, warm bread, fresh seafood, beautiful flowers and the choicest fresh produce available tickle and tantalize your sense of smell. Touch the textiles that overflow in abundance, as you choose the ideal table decor or perhaps a colorful scarf, And don’t neglect to taste the luscious samples of cheeses, red ripe juicy berries, figs, in season and briny olives, olive oil drizzled on a bit of fresh bread. Indulge yourself and remember to take some of what is offered home with you.

Immerse Yourself in Provencal Life

Amidst the marketplace cacophony of the friendly and jovial people of Provence you’ll likely discover a vendor or two eager to tell you of her goats, his well-tended olive grove, or their passion for cheese-making. These artisans proudly present their wares, the farmer, his produce, and the fishmonger his early morning catch. It’s not so much a business as a way of life and in the Markets of Provence you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Life Provencal.

Find That Perfect, Offbeat, One-of-A-Kind Item

You can get just about anything you desire at the markets; the soaps for which Marseille is celebrated, stunning jewelry, one-of-a-kind handmade clothing and popular Provencal culture such as television shows and movies on DVD or music on CD and vinyl. Shopping bags and baskets to fill and take home, leather items, pottery, handcrafted decor and artwork are all on display for you to admire and take with you. 

A Provencal Picnic

When you find it necessary to take a break and the aromas are suddenly causing your mouth to water and your stomach to growl, fill your shopping basket with traditional Provence picnic items. Bread, cheese, olives, oil, honey and ready-to-eat foods, along with an excellent local wine make for a memorable nosh. Relax on a bench or seek out a picnic spot and enjoy the goings -on around you. Don’t be a bit surprised if someone nearby spontaneously bursts into song, or joins a musician playing for your enjoyment. There are all manner of entertainers-jugglers, mimes, puppeteers and story tellers-at the markets in Provence.

Always A Market Day in Provence

Each town in the region hosts a market one day during the week. There are also municipal-type indoor markets should you miss market day in a specific town and need something special. These markets are a bit more predictable, with consistent hours, foodstuffs, and sundry. That doesn’t mean they are any less entertaining. In fact you may be treated to a show by the resident butcher, a hands-on cooking experience, or even join in some dancing. 

When you experience a market in Provence you never know what will happen. You can be assured it will be an indelible memory that will make you smile for years to come. 

Markets in Provence