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Tourist attractions in La Rioja region of Spain

Posted by smadar Palace on Mon, Jan, 07, 2013

Nestled deep in a valley of the Sierra Cantabrian mountain range, bathed by the warm Mediterranean breezes, La Rioja, Spain produces some of the richest red wines to ever tempt a palate. The region, bordered by Basque country, produces an array of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meat which mingle to create a mouth-watering buffet of flavors. 


To know this region of Spain is to witness yesterday and today come together. Architecture and art, winemaking, artisanal cheese, and family farms ripe with traditional agriculture offer a landscape for the senses. You may expect to see a shepherd guiding his flock along the pastoral hillsides overlooking the rivers and streams that feed the valley of La Rioja. 


Modern roadways replace cattle trails and shepherds paths, providing access to the unique and diverse towns of  La Rioja. Spend time with the locals and you’ll feel at home in this regional bridge between Basque and Castellan cultures. Enjoy the food, wine and fellowship of the Riojan people and you’ll soon be planning your return. 

rioja- Northern spain tour

The walled city of LaGuardia hasn’t changed much since the 13th century. Situated high on a stone foundation, the city’s narrow passageways and intact maze of underground tunnels render it an auto-free zone. Wandering the bodegas (wineries) and cafes of LaGuardia proves a pleasant way to spend your day. 


Logrono is the most populated town in La Rioja and a literal mecca for those who enjoy tapas. Although the casual dining genre didn’t originate in Logrono, it’s said there are more tapas bars between the city’s two bridges than anywhere else in Spain. Logrono was a favorite destination for famed writer, Ernest Hemingway, whose lusty epicurean pursuits are legendary. 

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Briones, a tiny, sleepy village, boasts some of the most passionate winemakers in La Rioja. The charm of this quaint foothills town is most noted in the picturesque and unspoiled views. 


Employing long-held traditional methods of local viticulture has served Haro’s wineries well in the end result. The town is considered the regional wine capital and the much-anticipate Haro Wine Festival, held in June, is a premiere event for grower, vintner, and connoisseur alike. 

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Her fertile ground goes beyond the celebrated winemaking of La Rioja and is lush with pears, peaches, lettuces, asparagus, artichokes, and the popular piquillo pepper, present in the many regional dishes. Riojan barbecue is less genre and more culture. Believed to have evolved as a way to showcase the fruity palate of LaRioja red wines, one may challenge that theory, in turn, offering that the wine was made to enhance barbecue. 

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Welcome guests to the region will understand that the area, as the locals remind those fortunate visitors, is neither France, nor Spain, but simply La Rioja. 

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Culinary Paradise In Italy

Posted by smadar Palace on Thu, Jul, 26, 2012


We are so excited to share with you the latest addition to our Culinary Tours.

A week-long culinary tour in Umbria will provide you full immersion in the local culture. We'll stay at a private palazzo in the medieval town of Spoleto, and from there we will explore classic charming towns like Assisi, Perugia, Norcia, Spello, Montefalco and Todi. We will enjoy cooking lessons with a chef, wine tastings at the oldest winery, visit a family farm and go truffle hunting, taste the best and famous cured meats, and get our hands “dirty” in a chocolate making class.
Consider? joining us on this unique Experience!

Culinary Paradise 

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The 5 best places to eat traditional food in France

Posted by smadar Palace on Sat, May, 12, 2012

Bordeaux, France

There is something magical about France that attracts people to it. The epicenter of modern culinary techniques and traditions, France stands for everything that is simple yet sophisticated in its own way. It is often said that a trip to France is incomplete if you do not sample some of their food, wine and cheese. So how do you get the quintessential French experience?Culinary Tours, this wonderful holiday concept will let you closely look into the wonderful world of wine making, you could spend days on a cheese farm and taste the real French way of life. Out of the many culinary tours that you could take here are a few options that should be on your must see list.

Bordeaux wine Tour

Bordeaux-This French region is arguably the most famous wine producing area in the world. On one of the culinary tours in Bordeaux you will Get to visit the most prestigious chateaux and taste different varieties of wine .


The Loire Valley- The breathtaking architecture of the Loire Valley is not the only thing that makes unique, the cheese and wine of this region are equally world class. Visit the many castles here; get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle and mingle in cobblestone streets of medieval charming towns.

Burgundy, Wine Tours, France


Burgundy- Enjoy the many wine villages of this region. Here you will also get a chance to visit wine cellars and see where all the magic happens. See the vineyards of Romane-Conti, one of the world’s greatest wine producers also taste some superb wine at the quaint region of Cote De Beaune.


Provence- Experience some of the best ros  wine in this southeast region of France. On the culinary tours here you can spend time in the kitchen with the region’s best known chefs. You also may want to experience the stunning perched villages and markets of provence. 

Buggett France

 Paris- The French capital will mesmerize you with its charm. Here you can learn how a Chocolatier turns this wonderful ingredient into a work of art. Rise early in the morning to find out what goes inside a patisserie, learn how to make croissants or eclairs. After spending a day with french culinary experts you can reminisce about your Parisian experience at a bistro while you sit down for a relaxing lunch. Through these French culinary tours you will truly be able to discover the real French culture and traditions.

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