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Sunny Puglia in southern Italy is a delightful destination that’s been gaining in popularity in recent years. The whitewashed hill towns, gorgeous coastline and charming villages beckon those from all over to immerse themselves in this slow-paced and lovely culture. Puglia is known for its port town of Bari, the University and fairytale stone huts with conical roofs called “trulli”. The seafood is oh-so-fresh and the people are welcoming and hospitable.

From ancient history to masterful architecture to the feeling of a deep and abiding authenticity,  the region of Puglia promises to be one of the more ideal destinations for those who wish to experience the culture of southern Italy like a local.

One of the best ways to enhance your immersive experience even further is by staying in a Masseria. A Masseria is more than just a place to lay your head or rest between outings. A Masseria provides one of the most authentic experiences available. If you genuinely wish to know and live the soul of Puglia, stay in a Masseria.

What is A Masseria?

The word Masseria has no English equivalent so we will endeavor to explain. In short, a Masseria is a farmhouse that, in its former days, provided living space for those who worked the farm. This was a practical way for the landowners to fend off any enemies or those who wished to overtake the property for themselves. The farmhands provided a type of guarding force to be reckoned with.

Today the Masseria are popular tourist accommodations with so much more to offer than a typical hotel or inn. These farmhouse accommodations are unique and a culturally immersive experience. Because they were once a working farm-and many still are-the Masseria are located on vast amounts of land.

In order to receive guests these centuries old abodes have been transformed into a blend of comfy accommodations and rustic charm. The pastoral surroundings allow the guests to relax and absorb the events of the day as well as take in the gorgeous scenery that surrounds them, often a vineyard or olive grove and sometimes both.

Staying in a Masseria allows you a glimpse into how the farmers and their families once lived and many still do live today. The experience provides a much fuller encounter with your destination.

How Extensive Are the Accommodations?

A Masseria is part of the agriturismo movement in Italian guest houses. The estate itself is often fortified by stone walls which encompass farm buildings and, of course, the estate’s land. Some Masseria offer walking trails and places to hike the property while witnessing first-hand the busy-ness of a working farm in the region over the centuries. Check out the olive trees, some of which have grown lustily on the farmland for more than a millennium. In fact, they are so old that they are protected as part of the country’s cultural heritage.

As far as what you can expect from your stay at one of these wonderful guest homes, it depends. Most have a restaurant or meal accommodations to some degree. Some offer outstanding dining rooms and others a family style table laden with all of Nonna’s special dishes. Some, a combination of the two. One thing is sure-you’ll find the food amazing.

Sleeping accommodations also vary, depending on the Masseria. Some are comfy and cozy rooms bedecked as one would expect to find visiting their Italian relatives. Others may feature a more modern flair with creature comforts you’d expect to find in higher end vacation rentals.

Tranquility is the word of the day at any Masseria you choose. Some offer swimming pools for your enjoyment and many have garden areas, lush with greenery and the perfect setting in which to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Your Masseria hosts endeavor to make your stay as close to perfect as possible.

Puglia’s Heart and Soul

The heart and soul of Puglia is found in the authentic nature of their people, the natural beauty from coastline to inland olive groves and the sunny disposition that permeates every nook and cranny. Staying at a Masseria enhances your immersive experience and your absolute enjoyment of this sunny southern Italian region.

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