The Splendor of Andalucia

Andalucía embodies all the popular images of Spain: White washed hill towns, bulls and matadors, flamenco dancers and Moorish palaces. The birthplace of the guitar, flamenco, and tapas, Andalucía is a rich cultural region offering sun-soaked Mediterranean towns, a dramatic mountainous landscape, arid valleys dotted with gorgeous whitewashed villages, and glorious historic cities, home to some of Europe’s most amazing architectural sites. 

Prepare to be charmed!


The boutique hotel is located in the captivating district of Seville in the authentic and picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz. Barrio de Santa Cruz is an enchanting area of the city filled with cobbled, narrow streets, enchanting plazas, and orange trees, and is centrally positioned within easy walking distance to many of the area’s main attractions. The boutique hotel boasts a lovely traditional courtyard that can be admired from the various guestroom patios where guests can relax and enjoy the serene ambience. At the top of the hotel sits the terrace, which is for the exclusive use of the guests, it is the ideal location for relaxing and taking in the breathtaking views of the Giralda bell tower. Step outside the hotel and you'll get to be like a Spaniard having a very late dinner in one of the Tapas bars or people-watch while sipping coffee.


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